Doughnuts & Downtown

As I’m writing this, it is nearly midnight and my sister and I have been sitting on our couch brainstorming titles for the past 15 minutes. I knew I wanted the word “doughnuts” in it, as part of this photo session happened in a doughnut shop, but I wasn’t sure what word to pair with it. Before I settled on the title above, we came up with these other strong contenders – Doughnut Decapitation, Doughnut Disaster, Delightful Doughnuts, Designer Doughnuts.

Obviously, it was a difficult choice to choose just one.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I reached out to one of my favorite doughnut places in Providence asking if I would be able to do a shoot there. They said yes, so a couple of days later Lauren and I headed to Knead Doughnuts for a photoshoot!

It’s shoots like these that always remind me how much I love what I do.