Fancy Green Cars

I grew up going on road trips in which my dad always pointed out the nice cars, naming the type and all of the letters and numbers that went along with it. This always received blank stares from my mom, so he then began to refer to the nice cars as “Fancy [fill color here] car,” or F[letter of color]Cs for short.

At the beginning of December, Janita and I got to photograph the most amazing engagement session. It began in Newport where we got to take pictures inside a real life Fancy Green Car (FGC). Crazy, I know. For those of you who have some knowledge of cars, it’s a Packard.

From Newport, we headed to Providence and the steps of the State House followed by exploring the lobby (and elevators) of the Renaissance Providence. As we were leaving, the valets were so sweet and offered up their little booth for us to grab a few last photos in.

Marissa & Derek were such an amazing couple to photograph, and if the cold wasn’t numbing our fingers and toes, we could’ve shot for hours!


Maggie & Janita